Bunny lovey / security blanket

I have worked on and designed a new lovey – a crocheted bunny lovey / security blanket. We are so fortunate that little ones keep coming into our lives among close friends and I absolutely love giving them a homemade present.

Amigurumi octopus (crocheted)

Crocheted octopuses are particularly good for premature babies. Their tentacles give the baby a sense of the maternal umbilical cord and thus a recognizable sense of security from the belly. Beside that fact this octopus both sweet and cool – you can play with “accessories” as you please.

Hello Kitty lovey / security blanket

It is time for another lovey to the collection. This is one for alle the cute lille girls who wants a special lovey for bedtime and cuddling. Hello Kitty never goes out of style and so I created a pattern for her.

Little Chubby Bird (girlfriend)

A couple of days ago, I posted the pattern for a chubby (and rather cute) bird. However he seemed to be missing a little girlfriend – here she comes. Play with your own creativity when choosing colours for the birds.

Chubby Birds

A while ago I received a request to create a pattern for a couple of little chubby and rather cute birds. Play with your own creativity when choosing colours for the birds.

Batman lovey / security blanket

I have decided to translate all my crochet patterns into English. I cannot promise that the English version will be published at the same time as the Danish however I will do my best to get the pattern translated quickly.